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Paste® at Slack Frontiers
Paste® at Slack Frontiers

See how CIOs from American Express, Zuora, and Bloomberg reacted to Paste® at Slack's first customer conference

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Billions of people today communicate via messaging in their daily lives, and thanks to Slack and others, messaging is arriving at companies. It’s promise: increased transparency, collaboration, and ultimately greater innovation. 

And yet we still create decks to communicate, because they serve a fundamental need on our teams —maybe even the most important. It’s the need to pull a team of people together around a common story. 

However yesterday's presentation tools are not built for the pace of messaging. They're time consuming and live apart from the very conversation they mean to inform. The worst examples have us emailing slides back and forth. It’s insecure. Time is wasted. Ideas get lost. 

Fast and Beautiful

Paste® brings presentations to messaging and mobile. It’s fast, simple, and beautiful. Drop or paste anything you’d like to share—images, videos, links, pdf, text, especially web content—and our automated layout engine instantly makes great slides for you. Don’t waste time on formatting, focus entirely on what matters—the flow.

See the big Picture

We centered Paste® in the storyboard view. This is the big picture, where a team gets on the same page, makes connections, and finds opportunities to move ideas forward. Here you can quickly arrange slides, assign them to team members for help, and provide feedback with comments and reactions. Decks in Paste® are shared and alive. 

Innovative companies aren't just textual or visual thinkers, they have figured out how to bring all their skill set together - data scientists share models, designers sketch files, marketers their press kit in Pdf form, used researchers their insights as a video. Paste is designed for multi-disciplinary disciplinary collaboration and our storyboard view brings everyone together fast. 

Provide Context

For additional context you can add as much text as you want to a slide. Paste will lay the slide out for you. Extra long text sections become a scrollable document, bridging the density of a word-processor with the manageability of slides.

Bring the right people together

Decks and the ideas in them must live amongst people, not folders and inboxes. Folder permissions are notoriously difficult to maintain, inboxes are insecure and porous.  In Paste you can organize decks in Slack channels which corresponds to groups of people. This makes it easy to share a deck with the right people and keeps them in a secure channel. “Who has the deck? Where is the deck? Can you update the deck?” are vestiges of the past. 

Accelerate Innovation

A hallmark of innovative organizations is that they are multidisciplinary and collaborative. They see and solve problems from multiple perspectives. The Paste home view encourages this by raising the visibility of decks across the entire organization. It tailors the view based on public Slack channels and those you follow. Visually see the work that is happening across teams, awareness is the first step towards finding opportunities to help and innovate. 

The ability to increase transparency resonated with leading CIO at Slack Frontier where Paste was praised by CIO from American Express, Bloomberg, and Zuora. 

The move of messaging into the corporation is inevitable and it brings a promise: that a team’s best ideas are heard, improved, and implemented faster than ever. Paste makes this process visual and visible, it weaves our disparate messages into a shared story that advances our thinking and understanding. So make your story with Paste today. 

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