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Where can I find Paste® starter decks?
Where can I find Paste® starter decks?

Example deck templates to help you get started with Paste®.

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These features are currently only available on desktop and not on the mobile version of Paste®.

Using a starter deck

When creating a new deck, you’ll have the option to start using a starter deck, which functions as a template for the deck you create.

You can disable this menu popping up every time you make a new deck by unticking the box on the bottom left:

If you ever need it again, you can always find it back by clicking on ’Use a starter deck’.

If you have accidentally deleted a template, have a look to see if there’s something you like among these:

Are we missing a sample you would like to see?  Let us know about it through our Support messenger in the lower right corner of the window. 

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