For any slide with text and at least one media asset (image, video, attachment, etc), you can rearrange the layout easily with the following options:

Change the 'Layout Style' from the slide editor

There are three layout styles available:

  • Show your media as large as possible, supported by text as commentary
  • Tell it with text, supported by media
  • Intro your text front and center, with media in the background
  • If you are looking to add more variation to your slide, you can add columns. Read all about it in this article.

Layout Style (Show, Tell, Intro) on Desktop

Layout Style on Mobile

Rearrange media assets on a slide (Desktop only)

Simply drag media assets to position it to the top, bottom, left or right sides of the slide. Everything else will snap into place automatically.

For slides with multiple assets, use the Slide Direction button to move all assets to the Top, Bottom, Left or Right side of the slide.

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