It's now easier than ever to share your ideas with other people both in and outside of your team. Here's all you need to know if you'd like to share your Paste® decks with others:


  • Open up the deck you'd like to share

  • Click Share Deck in the top header of in the deck preview:

  • Clicking that button should open up a window in the centre of the page that you can click to get a shareable link. You can also choose to open the deck in Presentation mode:

  • Click on the link to copy it and you can share it easily by pasting it anywhere you like.

Mobile App

  • Tap the Share in the header of the Grid View

  • From the Share menu, tap 'Share Deck' to open the iOS Share Sheet where you can share to other apps. 

  • For Slack teams, you can also share to a channel with one tap

Sharing outside your team

To allow people outside your team to access your deck via URL, you can turn on Share Link option in the Share menu:

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