Access Settings on the Web

  1. Sign in to on a desktop or laptop browser
  2. Click on your profile in the bottom left corner of the Home view and select Settings

From Settings you can:

  • Customize your decks—Set your colors and custom fonts to match your brand across all decks.
  • Update your account/team name—Click on the name at the top of the page to edit.
  • Monitor your subscription status—See your current plan, Upgrade to a paid plan, and contact the person on your team who initiated billing.
  • Invite or remove team members—Email teams can invite new members by adding their email address to the invite field. Remove team members by hovering over the member and clicking the Remove button.
  • Enable auto-join—Make it easy for anyone with a shared email domain to join your team.

Access Settings in the Mobile App

  1. In Home view, tap on your profile icon
  2. Choose Settings from the menu
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