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How to share from Paper® to Paste®
How to share from Paper® to Paste®

Going from sketch to deck fast with Paper® and Paste®.

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Our award-winning app Paper® and Paste® are the fastest way to go from sketch to deck on iPhone, iPad, and desktop. 

Share with drag and drop

On iPad (iOS11+) you can drag and drop between Paper® and Paste®.

Share via Paste's share extension

Alternatively on iPhone and iPad you can use Paste's share extension. 

  • Make sure you have Paper® and Paste® installed on your iPhone and iPad.

  • Use Paper® to sketch out an idea

  • In the journal view tap the share button, then select Paste® in the share sheet. You may have to reveal Paste® first by selecting More and turning on sharing to Paste® (see the animation above)

  • For quick sharing, the deck you are currently working on will be shown by default. You can also just choose a different deck. 

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