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How do I add content to Paste®?
How do I add content to Paste®?

Add screenshots, images, text, video, files, and web links to your slide decks.

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Drag & drop any file (even videos!)

Make many slides at once by dropping multiple files (image, video, PDF, anything!) onto your deck from the Grid View. Drop files inside a slide and they snap automatically into a layout that can easily be adjusted.

Copy and paste web links

Anything you can copy (files, images, URLs) can be turned into a slide by pasting it. Paste® turns web URLs into interactive cards and embeds. Just copy the link and paste onto the Grid View or a specific slide.

Paste working files

No more exporting, importing and reformatting. Wherever your work is, if it's got a link, drop it into Paste® for editable files right in your slides.

note: after recent changes from Google Docs, these are no longer editable from within a deck.

Paste any kind of media

Access local and cloud files like Dropbox and Google Drive. Embed content from various web services.

Don’t have the right image on hand? No problem. Paste® analyzes the words in your slide to suggest the right Unsplash photo or Giphy to match your topic.

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