Frames are smart filters that wrap any media inside beautiful, interactive mockups of a phone, tablet, laptop, or window.



Accessing Media Frames in Slide View

1. Open or create a slide that contains media (image, video, embedded web content).

2. Click the 'Edit' button at the bottom of the screen if you are not already editing.

3. Click the 'Media Frame' button just left of the color swatches to access Frame options. (The 'Media Frame' button is only available on slides that have media on them.)

4. Choose the desired Frame type from the list of options. Select your 3D Effect preference ('on' by default). 

5. Click the 'Done' button in the lower-right of the screen to finish editing and experience the 3D Effect.

3D Effect

3D Effect brings your ideas to life by rotating the Frame based on your mouse cursor position. You can turn this on and off in the 'Media Frame' menu.

Automatic Frames in Slide View and Storyboard View

When adding media in Slide View or dragging and dropping files into Storyboard View, Paste® detects the attributes of the media to automatically apply the right Frame— phone, tablet, laptop, portrait or landscape.

See below for a list of automatically-detected Media Frame sizes.


Mobile App

Frames are coming soon to the Paste mobile app.


Automatically-Detected Media Frame Sizes


iPad 768x1024
iPad 1024x768
iPad Pro 1024x1366
iPad Pro 1366x1024
iPad Pro@2x 2048x2732
iPad Pro@2x 2732x2048
iPad Pro@3x 3072x4098
iPad Pro@3x 4098x3072
iPad@2x 1536x2048
iPad@2x 2048x1536
iPad@3x 2304x3072
iPad@3x 3072x2304
iPhone 8 375x667
iPhone 8 667x375
iPhone 8 Plus 414x736
iPhone 8 Plus 736x414
iPhone 8 Plus@2x 828x1472
iPhone 8 Plus@2x 1472x828
iPhone 8 Plus@3x 1242x2208
iPhone 8 Plus@3x 2208x1242
iPhone 8@2x 750x1334
iPhone 8@2x 1334x750
iPhone 8@3x 1125x2001
iPhone 8@3x 2001x1125
iPhone SE 320x568
iPhone SE 568x320
iPhone SE@2x 640x1136
iPhone SE@2x 1136x640
iPhone SE@3x 960x1704
iPhone SE@3x 1704x960
iPhone X 375x812
iPhone X 812x375
iPhone X@2x 750x1624
iPhone X@2x 1624x750
iPhone X@3x 1125x2436
iPhone X@3x 2436x1125
Galaxy S5 360x640
Galaxy S5 640x360
Galaxy S5@2x 720x1280
Galaxy S5@2x 1280x720
Galaxy S5@3x 1080x1920
Galaxy S5@3x 1920x1080
Galaxy S8 360x740
Galaxy S8 740x360
Galaxy S8@2x 720x1480
Galaxy S8@2x 1480x720
Galaxy S8@3x 1080x2220
Galaxy S8@3x 2220x1080
Nexus 5X 412x732
Nexus 5X 732x412
Nexus 5X@2x 824x1464
Nexus 5X@2x 1464x824
Nexus 5X@3x 1236x2196
Nexus 5X@3x 2196x1236
One Plus 3 480x853
One Plus 3 853x480
One Plus 3@2x 960x1706
One Plus 3@2x 1706x960
One Plus 3@3x 1440x2559
One Plus 3@3x 2559x1440

Support coming soon:

Desktop HD 1440x1024
Desktop HD 1920x1080
Desktop HD 1366x768
Desktop HD 1440x900
Desktop HD 1536x864
Desktop HD 1600x900
Desktop HD@2x 2880x2048
Desktop HD@2x 3840x2160
Desktop HD@2x 2732x1536
Desktop HD@2x 2880x1800
Desktop HD@2x 3072x1728
Desktop HD@2x 3200x1800
Desktop HD@3x 4320x3072
Desktop HD@3x 5760x3240
Desktop HD@3x 4098x2304
Desktop HD@3x 4320x2700
Desktop HD@3x 4608x2592
Desktop HD@3x 4800x2700

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