The embed player's chrome-less design allows you to add full-resolutions, interactive Paste presentation decks into blog posts, company websites, portfolios, or any webpage. Build and publish beautiful presentation from the same tool.

This is your native Paste deck with all of the powerful features we offer—responsive layouts, embedded links, tweets, automatic device frames, hosted videos, and interactive prototypes.

How to Embed Paste in Medium

Paste uses the standard oEmbed format for our embedded player. For platforms that support Embedly like Medium, all you need to do is paste a link to a Paste deck into your blog post and hit Enter.  

How to Embed Paste in a Website

  1. Open the Deck Menu (three dots) in the top right corner and select Embed Deck

2. Copy the embed code and paste on your site

Websites that support Paste embeds:

Customize the Embed Dimensions

Manually set your embed dimensions by altering the 'width' and 'height' properties of the <iframe> embed code.

Remove the "Made with Paste" Badge

Paste subscribers can remove the “Made with Paste” badge for a clean, brand-free look.  

Please note, the embed feature is currently only available in the web version of Paste. 

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