Set your custom fonts

  1. Navigate to Brand Settings and locate the Fonts section.

  2. For each text size (Large, Medium, Small), click the font dropdown menu and select + Upload Font to upload your own font file or choose from an existing font.

Set font styles

By default, Paste® will automatically generate a bold, italic, and bold italic versions based on the font assigned to each text size. However, for fonts designed with unique styles for bold and italic (such as serif typefaces), you can use these styles by clicking on Advanced above any on the font options to expand the options below and uploading those files for each style.

Need a font?

There are many great resources for fonts:
Google Fonts—Free, open-source fonts
Adobe Fonts—Quality, paid fonts

Supported font formats


If your font is hosted on a service such as Google Fonts or Typekit, you will need to first download your font in a compatible format before uploading.

Custom fonts on mobile app

Custom fonts on Paste® Mobile are supported with a few limitations due to iOS restrictions. Please make sure the criteria below are met to have custom fonts properly working.

Styles require separate files

On the web, we can generate font styles for Bold, Italic, and Bold-Italic for a font you upload. However, on iOS, this is not possible. If you would like to use font styles in the mobile app, you will need to upload separate font files for each style (Bold, Italic, Bold-Italic).

Font name conventions

Further, when uploading custom fonts for Bold, Italic, and Bold-Italic styles, the files must follow a specific naming convention:

  1. All font styles of a given text size ( Small, Medium, Large) must share the same base font name. This means you cannot have "Avenir" as your normal style, and "Times New Roman" as your Bold style.

  2. Assuming that your fonts have the same font name, specific font styles/weights need to have suffixes that match the font style.
    - Valid suffixes for Bold fonts are "Bold" and"_Bold"
    - Valid suffixes for Italic fonts are "Italics" and "_Italics"
    - Valid suffixes for Bold-Italic fonts are "BoldItalic" and "_BoldItalic"

Most fonts follow these guidelines. However, if you're experiencing issues with a font or style not appearing on mobile, this may be the issue. If so, you'll need to get a hold of font files that meet the naming convention above.

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