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How can I create Groups?
How can I create Groups?

You can organise Paste® decks into shared or private groups for projects, clients, or just for organization's sake.

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Looking for a way to organize your well-crafted decks to avoid clutter? Look no further! With the Groups feature, you will be able to create specific spaces to group your decks under, improving findability and structure.

Using Slack with Paste®? Groups work a little differently for you.

Creating a Group

To create a new Group, simply click the + icon in the left sidebar under Groups. You will be prompted to give the Group a name. Be as creative you like (unlike in this example 😉). Groups will be shared with your team unless you choose to make it private.

Private Groups

You can opt to make a Group private. After choosing a name, toggle the Make private? option, and choose who in your team you'd like to include in the Group:

Editing or deleting a Group

You can edit Groups easily by opening the group and clicking the ellipsis (fun fact: they are also called meatballs, who knew!?). You can then make the following changes:

  • Rename the Group

  • Delete the Group: you cannot delete a Group that has active decks nested within. You'll need to either delete the decks or move them elsewhere before deleting the group.

  • Change the Group settings: this option is for private Groups only, and allows you to edit who has access.

Moving Decks between Groups

In the example below, you can see a deck being moved between two groups. Navigate to the deck overview and then click the Move button and choose the destination. 

Groups for Slack teams

If your Paste® team has Slack integration, your Groups are automatically created to reflect the channels you have access to in your Slack workspace.

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