Looking for a way to organize your well-crafted decks to avoid clutter? Look no further! With the Groups feature, you will be able to create specific spaces to group your decks under, improving findability and structure. 

Bear in mind this feature is exclusive to teams signed up with an email address. When using Slack, you can group decks under specific channels and organize them in this same manner. Another thing to remember is that Groups are public to your entire team by default.

So, where do you need to start to make use of Groups

Creating a Group

To create a new Group, simply click the + icon in the left sidebar under Groups. You will be prompted to name your Group. Be as creative you like (unlike in this example 😉)

Editing or Removing a Group

You can edit the name of any of your Groups easily by clicking the ellipsis (Fun Fact: They are also called Meatballs, who knew!?). You are then prompted to enter a new name. You can also find the option to delete your Group here in the meatball menu.

Note: You cannot delete a Group that has active decks nested within. You'll need to either delete the decks or move them elsewhere before deleting the group. 

Moving Decks Between Groups

In the example below, you can see a deck being moved between two groups. Navigate to the deck overview and then click the Move button and choose the destination. 

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