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How can I reorganise multiple slides at once with Multi-Select?
How can I reorganise multiple slides at once with Multi-Select?

So, one of your decks is in need of some serious spring cleaning and you need to rearrange several slides at once? Look no further!

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Using Multi-Select

  1. Hover over the slides you want to select in the grid view of your deck

  2. Click on the empty square button that appears when you hover over the the top right corner of the slide

  3. Select and deselect slides to your heart's content.

Making some changes

Once you've made your selection, you can rearrange your decks in the following way:

  • Media Frame - quickly give your media the same frame by clicking the Media Frame button

  • Power Layout - instantly change the layout of your slides using the Power Layout button

  • Media Position - shift all your media to the top, bottom, left, right, or background of your slides

  • Color - click the drop button on the top and select how you'd like to color your slides

  • Duplicate - make copies of your slides for use in the same deck

  • Copy to another deck - use this button to copy slides to another deck in your team

  • Delete slides - remove multiple slides easily using the red trash can button

  • Move the slide order - once you've selected the slides you want to move, drag one of the selected slides to the desired position. Paste® will stack the rest and move them all to that position for you.

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