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How can I brand my decks?
How can I brand my decks?

Create a theme for your team with customised fonts, colors and a watermark for your decks!

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With Paste® it is possible to include your unique brand feeling to all your decks. And it's very easy to do so! By adding your company website, the colors and logo will automatically be added to your Brand settings.

If you'd like to change your Brand settings, you can click on the articles below for more information on how you can make decks that perfectly match your brand!

Upload your logo
The delight is in the details. Give your decks a professional polish with an official Watermark.

Set your colors
Never worry about team members using the wrong blue ever again. 

Choose your fonts
Brand fonts are shared by everyone on your team. Upload your own custom fonts for free, and Paste® will update all existing decks.

Always on brand, every time and every slide.

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