If you are interested in upgrading, you can do so on your Billing Settings page.

Unlimited decks

If you're ready for more than three decks, a Paste® Pro subscription is the way to go. With Paste Pro, there's no limit to the amount of decks that you can have in your team.

Multiple members

Paste Pro also allows to have multiple members on your team so that you can form your ideas as a group. All members on your team can make and edit decks. We have multiple (monthly and yearly) subscription plans to suit the size of your team.

You'll automatically upgrade or downgrade the plan that you are on based on the number of members on your team.

Private decks

If you are in need of a little privacy, that is also covered! Decks that are not meant for your fellow team members can still be hidden, so that you can surprise them when the deck is finished.

Remove Paste branding

If you want to remove the "Made with Paste" badge when embedding a deck on your website, you can do so if you have a Pro subscription.

If you need any help with managing your subscription, you can check out this article. Have fun!

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