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Why aren't my PowerPoint exports working?
Why aren't my PowerPoint exports working?

PowerPoint exports have finally arrived, but are things not looking quite so sharp? Not all Paste® features are supported by PowerPoint.

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If you receive a font error when opening your PowerPoint export, or if your fonts don't look the same as they did in Paste®, here's a few things to try.

Install your fonts

If you've added a custom font in Paste®, the first thing to check is that they're installed on your computer.

Change font file type in Paste®

Finally, PowerPoint may struggle with some font file types, such as .OTF, .WOFF, .WOFF2. One way of resolving this is to re-upload your fonts in .TTF format in your Brand settings page in Paste® and re-exporting your deck.

You can find out more on adding fonts in this article: How can I change Fonts in Paste®?

Please note that any font changes will affect every deck in your team.

Media frames

Currently Paste® cannot export media frames to PowerPoint. If your deck includes content wrapped in a slick media frame (e.g., tablet, phone, laptop), this content will be exported without the frame. More on media frames here: How do Media Frames work?

Embedded content

If you have embedded content in Paste® (like a Google Doc, Twitter content etc), PowerPoint won't embed this. Instead you may see the content as an image, or even a small error message.

This should not affect embedded YouTube and Vimeo content.

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