Where are my decks?
Written by Mehmet Yaman
Updated over a week ago

Trouble Finding Your Decks? We Can Help!


Have you ever tried to find your decks, but it feels like they've vanished? No worries! This article will give you simple tips to find them again.

Are You in the Right Team?

Sometimes, your decks might be hiding in the wrong team. To check, click on your avatar in the top left. You'll see a list of teams you're in. Looking in the other teams listed there might help you find your missing decks.

See Better: Full Screen and Zoom

When you want to look at your decks, make sure your web browser page is not zoomed in too much(keep it at 100% magnification!). Also, keep the window maximized. If you forget this, your decks might not load properly when you scroll.

Useful Links

Here are some links that might help:


Sometimes, it's tricky to find your decks. But now you have the secrets to solve the mystery! Whether it's picking the right team, adjusting your screen, or using the links we shared, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding your decks.

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